Historicalish Fiction

I was able to take yesterday afternoon off from unpacking or shopping and just napped and read. It was so worth it. I was able to finish up one book and read a novella. Nothing for any of my challenges, just trying to work through the library stack.

The book was A Flaw in the Blood by Stephanie Barron. It takes place in Victorian England in 1861, just before and after Prince Consort Albert dies. The Queen calls Fitzgerald, a lawyer who had once defended a would-be assassin, to recant the man's defense. As that case is over 20 years old Fitzgerald is perplexed. Georgie is a female doctor who consulted with the Prince about his son, who has hemophilia. The story was fine, well-paced, and had some decent twists and turns. I like the characters of Georgie and Fitzgerald. But i felt like this book was the middle of a series that I hadn't read before. Several things get a quick explanation, the type of by-the-way-in-case-you-forgot reminder you get in series. I would say that it is a 5 and i may go ahead and read some of the author's Jane Austen mysteries.

The novella was Lyra's Oxford by Philip Pullman. It was nice to dip back into Pullman. A little tale that takes place 2 years after she's separated from Will, Lyra and Pan find a witch's daemon that says he is searching for a man who can save his witch. There's a bit of adventure and some suggestions of what may come in another story. I have put Once Upon a Time in the North on my library list now. For some reason that book was not on any backorder but i had to wait a couple months for Lyra's Oxford. I would say that I don't know if I'll buy it, at least not a cover price. It was a 5 as well but i do wish it was longer.


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