More Atheism, kinda

I completed a more scholarly work today. Breaking the Spell, by Daniel C Dennett, is a study of religion as a natural phenomenon, like language and other cultural aspects. He asks a lot of deep questions about the evolution of religion.

This one was really dense. It was ok, a 4, and not as informative as I had hoped. It is a book of a lot of questions about what we don't know about religion. One thing that I did like was that at the end of each chapter he gives a little recap and sums up what he's talking about.

Watched The Happening and yes, it kinda sucked. The premise was great but the dialogue was horrible. R and I could have written a better film. Seriously, it is the type where we see the characters walking through a field towards a house and one stops and says "hey guys look! a house!" It is a 3.

As for life, things seem to be going well. Feeling better, moving next week, getting stuff done i hope. I am taking a yoga class and really like it so far.


  1. I just bought an essay collection today called Godless in Eden (Fay Weldon). Not sure how great it'll be or even how much it *really* deals with religion (or a lack), but it looks yummy nonetheless.

    Sorry to hear The Happening sucked.

  2. Not heard of the collection but it sounds interesting. Shyamalan normally is pretty good but this one just wasn't up to snuff.


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