One finished and Update

Have no internet access at home right now so I've not been able to update with pics from the new place yet. Am at work now so i can get online for this and email and etc but I'll have to drag the computer to Starbucks tomorrow to put up a real post. About everything that has a place to go into is unpacked leaving me with 10 or so boxes labeled "Books" and no where to put them. Have to buy shelves.

It has been weird unpacking. I threw everything in boxes last october and have found perfectly good tennis shoes that i had forgotten about, a couple of shirts i never wore and now are too big and bathroom stuff that has expired now. What is weird is what i do and do not have. Had: shower curtain and hooks. Don't have: bathroom trashcan. Have: 2 different sorts of teapots, coffee maker, silverware. Don't have: can opener, colander, kitchen towels. I think i let R have more stuff than i should have. I felt really guilty at the time and i think i divided stuff a bit unevenly. Of course, i was hoping at the time we'd get back together too and wouldn't have to worry about buying this stuff anyway.

To the Book! Finished up Roger Zelazny's My Name is Legion. It is really a sort of James Bond novel set on a sci-fi hanger. 3 interlocked stories describe the adventures of a man with no name; he contracts work through a private detective who sometimes needs things done WAY off the record. The second 2 are more murder mystery stories and the first is about corporate sabotage. I liked it well enough. The character himself was more interesting than the plot in the second story. The third story "Home is the Hangman" is about AI, robot sentience, and philosophy and was definitely my favorite. overall a 4, but Hangman is a 6.


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