1 book for 2 challenges

One thing about not having internet or cable temporarily is that i've been reading at home. Turn on the music and lay out on the couch type reading which i haven't done recently. I finished a book i didn't like yesterday, Amsterdam by Ian McEwan. My first by this author has made me a touch apprehensive about reading Atonement which i won recently off another blog. It does give me a couple for various challenges though. The basic story is that two men, Clive, a composer, and Vernon, a newpaper editor and a name that only causes me to picture the mean uncle in Harry Potter, are lifelong friends who are both affected by the death of their former lover Molly Lane. She was a person of vibrancy and love that dies from some wasting disease that quickly destroys her mind. So the two men make a pact that if either of them are in that situation the other will help them kill themselves. You can kinda see where it might go from there.

The problem i had with it was that neither guy was the slightest bit likable. they're both the sort of middle aged over priviledged white man that i can't stand to be around. The most interesting character is Molly who we never actually meet. Luckily this was really short, 195 paperback sized pages so i didn't feel bad about powering through it. you spot the ending coming 2 miles away and you don't really care too much. I give this one a 3.


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