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I finished the latest Artemis Fowl novel, The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer. I am really starting to like Artemis. He's grown so much from the first novel. He begins the first book as an obnoxious, criminal genius 10-year-old and ends this latest as a strong, thoughtful 15-year-old. I've really started liking him in the last 2 books as he's made friends, has a conscience, and is even getting a bit of a "save the world" mentality. In this one, Artemis and Holly go back in time to rescue a lemur that is the only cure for Artemis' mother's illness. And they must match wits with 10-year-old Artemis. Much craziness ensues. The only complaint i have is that the books always feel a touch rushed, as if the author was told several times to take out any non-action based scenes. I would have been perfectly happy to ease a bit more into this one, as the last one had Artemis coming back from a lost-in-time/space colony 3 years after he'd left. It would have been very nice to see a bit more of the Fowl family being "normal" before the action jumped in.

Maybe Rowling has just spoiled me!

I give this one a 5. Seems to be my most popular ranking. And it counts for the YA challenge!


  1. I need to read this soon! I love Artemis a lot (well, since he acquired a heart, hahaha). I hope this book will be better than the last one :) But based on your take on it, it is! Yay! Can't wait!

  2. YA books seem to have become much more plot driven over the years. Take a look at some older ones and you'll soon see what I mean. Harry Potter is an exception actually, judging from the two that I read.

    It would be nice if it could become a treand.

  3. Lightheaded-- this one does seem to have a more straightforward story than the last.

    CB--I've been working on the L'Engle books and the Narnia ones. any you can recommend? Harry Potter is a wonderful series though.


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