Monday Wrap up

First things first. Sesame Street + Feist = awesome. I should have seen this coming.

Too cute.

Next, I finished up my second book by Peter Stamm, Unformed Landscape. This was shorter than On A Day Like This and it also had a much smaller feel to it. Our protagonist is Kathrine, a woman who lives in a small Norwegian fishing village. She has a young school age son, a husband she never loved, a job as a customs inspector. She's kind of hard to get as she doesn't seem to care about her son much, or her mother except in a distracted way. But she isn't self-centered, it is more that she is drifting, doing what is expected because it would be too much trouble to do otherwise. Then she has a one night stand with a friend, after which she finds out her husband has lied about every detail of his life before he met her: his schooling, travel, languages known, etc. So she drops the boy (which is how we hear about her son until the end) with her mother, leaves her life and begins to travel. She goes to Paris to meet an internet friend, sees Germany, meets strangers, and in a way grows up. In a way I did identify with her; there is such a depressive state she seems to be in that I couldn't help but feel for her. Who doesn't think sometimes there might be something you are missing? And the situation with the husband was wretched; from personal experience cheating is less of a hurt than finding out I'd been lied to for years. But I can't connect with not feeling for your child. I don't have any kids, so i don't know, but i can't imagine just not having any connection with your own kid. The first book is a bit more relatable as it explored the same theme of missing out but gave the character a concrete reason: he thought he had cancer. I give this one a 5 and will continue to look for this author.

Thirdly, i am overwhelmed with reading right now. I am still struggling my way through Shock Doctrine as well as Master and Margarita. plus i have 5 other library books to read. And just got another ARC book from Librarything, The Dracula Dossier. I think I'll save that for RIP! Seriously though, i need to power through a few just to clear out the clutter. I wanted to start Twilight too now that the series is completed. Ugh.

Fourthly, i hit the Frist with R and some friends Friday night. We saw a bunch of abstract art, which was fun but weird. I left thinking i could have done some of it. There is a photography exhibit coming up in November as well as sculpture by Rodin. And the King Tut exhibit is going to be in Atlanta after Dallas so i'll be able to see that too. Yay!


  1. Love the video. I sent it to several friends.


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