A Return to Weekly Geeks

So I haven't done this in a while. This week's theme is a photo tour of your bookish life. Fun!!

So i read a bunch at work; here's my desk.

The side of my couch that usually i read on, complete with comfy pillow stolen from the bed. like my side tables?

the one bookcase i own, full. the smaller one holds movies.

the shelf of the window in my bedroom. most are unread.

and here's the boxes of stuff, almost all books, mostly read.



  1. I love your side table! I've had very similar ones in my life. I like your books along the window sill as well. They look lovely.

  2. yea....

    You need a end table and a little stool for your remotes

  3. Thanks for sharing, what a fun idea for a weekly geek theme! Love seeing books everywhere. My kind of place.

  4. Your window sill books are just like mine used to be - until a strong wind blew them onto my sleeping hubby :)

  5. I used to have a window sill just like that one. Mostly unread, as well.

  6. the window sill was about the first decision i made once i'd moved all my boxes in. looks good and has a spot on the end for library one.

    thanks for visiting!


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