RIP 3!

Am really excited about joining back up for the new RIP 3 challenge. While I have been blogging about what i've been reading since February 2007 i didn't find out about the reader blog community until last August. The first challenge i joined was RIP 2, so i blame Carl V. completely for any challenge anxiety i've had, as well as my giant TBR shelf! :) This year rather than a list he suggested a pool so here's mine!

  • The Dracula Dossier by James Reese- it's and ERC from Librarything!
  • Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert- i actually won this during last year's RIP and just haven't gotten to it yet!
  • Twilight by Stephanie Meyer-I've been trying to read this for 6 months!
  • Gothic by Deborah Noyes- a series of short stories, YA by my understanding.
  • Rises the Night and The Bleeding Dusk by Colleen Gleason
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke- another one that's been on my shelf a while
  • The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova- i started this in January and got about halfway through. Going to try to finish it.
So that's a pool of eight. should be a good bit to choose from.


  1. Another great pool. I'm thrilled you are in again this year! I'll take the blame for sucking you into challenges, no worries! :)

  2. wow ! you have some "heavy" books on that list! (pun intended!) I think I'd have great trouble trying to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell alone let alone the Historian too! lol... whichever you read i'll look forward to your reviews.

  3. Anonymous26/8/08 16:11

    I read The Historian for RIP II and even thought it took most of October to get through, it was perfect for this challenge. I'll be attempting another biggy, Jonathan Strange, this time around!

  4. I forgot to add it to my pool but I've had Season of the Witch in my unread piles for over a year. So many books I want to read!

  5. I read Season of the Witch last year for the RIP II & enjoyed it. Great books on your list!

  6. Anonymous1/9/08 05:20

    Excellent pool of books!

    I adore Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Hope you get to that one and enjoy it. Would love to read your thoughts.

    I read The Historian last year and loved it, hope you get that one finished!

  7. thanks everyone for the encouragement. I think i'll start on one of my pool books today!


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