I had a visit from the wonderful cable man today. I have internet at the apartment! WOO HOO! And i am gorging myself on Sportscenter. Oh, how i've missed your wisecracking commentary. How did i survive without knowing which plays made the Top Ten every day? How many mascot mishaps did I miss? Who's sucking in preseason football? How far back are the Yankees? ack!!

And to really really get me celebrating i finished The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein this morning. The second half of the book goes much faster than the first, as it covers modern American politics and policies since 2000. So I actually know about plenty of it, like Bremer's misadventures in Iraq. (i am going to take a second to pimp my favorite Iraq book, Babylon by Bus. when two guys whose regular job was selling bootleg tshirts at Red Sox games come off as more qualified to run government departments than the people who are being paid to do so, you are in a sorry sorry state) But for the last part to really have a big impact, and for it to prove the book's premise of being the culmination of these policies, you have to work (really) through the first half. I wasn't even the slightest bit aware of the subject; financial thoery and South American history were both subjects I'd managed to avoid. I do recommend it but you have to be aware that it is a book that really challenges you. i give it a 5.


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