2 Green Books

The first I finished is Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach. It is definitely a beginners book but good for that. It is one to hand to your rich, Republican friends to convince them to make changes. He gives plenty of the regular tips, like changing your light bulbs, improving your car efficiency, drinking tap water instead of bottled, turning off your monitor (not even the whole computer) overnight, stuff like that. But he give you a dollar value for each little change so you can see exactly what's in it for you! Because he also writes financial books, the last part is about green investing, turning the few grand your tips save you each year into hundreds of thousands. In the introduction, he lays out how just 4 tips save you about 3700 a year, which invested turns into 678,000 after 30 years. He also gives tons and tons of websites to visit for further research. I give this one a 6 and i may buy it for 2 of my brothers at Christmas.

The other I finished is called Fight Global Warming Now by Bill McKibben. It is actually about organizing. As such, it was ok but not really my point of interest. There is a lot of information about how to get an event set up, get media coverage, even having politicians speak. Anyone interested in learning about basic community organizing would probably get a lot out of it. A 4 from me though.


  1. On the subject of green books. I have on my site a good compilation of green-ethical investing books. The link is http://investingforthesoul.com/Main%20Pages/books-ethical-investing.htm

    Best wishes, Ron Robins


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