Hanging out over the Long Weekend

Bunch of stuff going on.

My family has invaded! well, not exactly, but after hearing the warnings about "category 5" and "storm of the century" my mom, sister and brother came up to visit me. they arrived yesterday and unfortunately drove a 10 hour drive in about 12+ hours due to all the traffic. It is great they are here but we are still a bit worried about all the various people who stayed.

Yesterday I pigged out before the guests arrived! went to a barbecue in Franklin, TN and had: ribs, cheeseburger, mac and cheese, super hot bratwurst, potato salad, sweet pickles, homegrown tomatoes. mmmmmm. Fun with friends.

I went canoeing with R on Saturday, with our dog Chloe. so i burned up a bunch of calories before i ate on Sunday! The Harpeth river was packed; we'd stop and bunches of people would pass us then we would pass them later. Due to doggie stops, the 4 1/2 hour took about 7. It was fun though. I got to swim a bit even.

so today we've been glued to the tv, at least the adults have. My little brother and sister have been reading and playing video games. The cel phones have been ringing off and on, with various non-Louisiana residents checking on my mom, who's passing along the info from the people in Louisiana. No major damage, just power outages so far.
Luckily, they seem to just be getting rain/wind, nothing serious and no tornadoes.


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