The Last Narnia Book Pissed Me Off

Ok, if you've read it you know what happens. Now, it isn't so much what happened that bothered me but that we get no real reason for it. Lewis isn't much on character and we haven't seen anything from that particular person in several books. So why kick that person out? And the fact that everyone else doesn't care boggles my mind. Ok, at first they don't know exactly what has happened (although it is hinted when Lewis discusses how people look) but once they do find out there is no feeling of loss? what about Eustace and Jill? don't they care that they may not see their parents again? And Aslan's powers must have diminished. Aslan was able to summon the various children whenever he wanted to before but this time requires a convenient accident?

The book was more violent and racist as well. Yeah, The Horse and His Boy had some rough passages too but i don't remember people yelling "get the Darkies" either. wow.

it sucked. The animals in this one were so dumb! Perhaps they needed a class in critical thinking. And was the fact that the Ape is a bad guy a dig on evolution?

overall, it is a 2.


  1. I can't seem to make it past the first one, so you're already miles ahead of me.

  2. I've not read it in decades, but I'm basically with you. As I remember, none of the adults get to go to heaven, right. Once you're grown up you're pretty much useless.

    Is that a message you want to give to children who are, after all, growing up?

  3. the bad bit is that the parents and various adults do go to heaven but that Susan, one of the Pevensie siblings, gets left out. there's a couple throwaway lines about her not believing in Narnia anymore and then everyone runs off to be happy and feast. ugh. not even a "we sure are going to miss her" line.


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