ok, i splurged

So i wrote that I finished Twilight late Friday night and picked up New Moon on Saturday.

I finished New Moon today and will be getting the final two from amazon tomorrow.

So yeah, i splurged on books, spending $45 in the last few days. I'm a grown up, dammit! I can do what i want!

I liked New Moon, not quite as much as Twilight. Bits, like Bella's depression, were far too familiar for comfort. I'm personally still deep in the whole "nothing seems real" phase to be able to read about it in others really. But I really liked Jacob. I am not sure how Meyer can try to set anyone up as a rival for Edward. Jacob is a sweet, young guy though and, setting aside the age thing, exactly my type. I hope things turn out well for him. One thing I don't understand is why Bella wants to be a vampire RIGHT NOW. She's seen how difficult things are for the Cullens, having to move from place to place and pretend to be in high school or college over and over again. Why not wait until 21? or 25? I certainly would've chosen to stay at 25 forever, but NOT 18. ugh. She also needs to learn that harping on something constantly is not the way to get what you want. Ah well, perhaps in Eclipse. Another 5.

So i am using this for the Chunkster Challenge, but not any of the others. I only have 2 left for RIP and 1 for YA! The end is in sight!

Currently: waiting for Heroes!


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