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So yesterday, between staring at various weather related news items and predictions, i finished up two books i've been working on the last few weeks.

Six Degrees, by Mark Lynas, details the environmental changes as the average global temperature rises. Specifically, he shows what changes we'd expect at one degree, two, three, etc up to six. While the one or two degree world doesn't look too different, evidence suggests that once the global temperature is up by three degrees, natural feedback processes force everything hotter, faster, so that six, or more, is almost inevitable past that point. it isn't a bad book, at all, but it is extremely depressing. Ok, if i needed to emigrate, or cope with some kind of environmental catastrophe, or drastically downsize my life, right now that is something i'm capable of. but what about in 2038 when i'm 62? or 2058 when i'm 82? that's when these massive changes will start to really kick in, depending on how the earth reacts to what we've already done and if we try to do anything to halt our CO2 production. I give it a 5 but is wish the end was a touch more informative on what an individual can do right now.

The other book I finished I'm going to use for the YA Challenge. I read A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle. In this one, Charles Wallace has to travel through time with a unicorn, Gaudior, to change history. He has to fix things so that the leader of a Central American country has different ancestors. Meg helps, kything with him as he travels. The evil Echthroi of course try to stop them. It wasn't bad, wasn't great, though i did enjoy seeing how the events in one chapter become ancient legends a few generations later. I'd say this is also a 5 but i don't have high hopes for the last in the series which feature the twins, Sandy and Dennys. i can't even remember which is the doctor and which isn't!


  1. I think this book sounds very interesting. It's been sitting on my shelves for quite some time now. Maybe I can get to it for next year's challenge.


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