So I finished reading Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, last night. Technically, i guess it was this morning about 1 am that i finished. This afternoon while i was running around i picked up the second one, New Moon, in hardback even, because that's all Davis Kidd had. That should give a good indication of what i thought. A solid absorbing book. Yes, it is young and teenagery. yes, there's not a lot of actual story. But it is intense. The book brings back every sappy, consuming, passionate feeling of being newly in love, especially that first time.

Love is always dangerous but for Bella Swann extra so because she's in love with Edward, a vampire. He lives with his vampire family (though they seem to get on much much better than the groups in Anne Rice's chronicles) and can read minds. Just not Bella's. She moves to Oregon to be with her father, whom she barely knows, because her mother has recently remarried. She's a junior in high school and really self sufficient. As someone who did move high schools (and 1000 miles) between my sophmore and junior year, I can completely agree with the portrayal of that portion of the story. Yes, it's hard. Yes, gym sucks when you think you're done with it then have to take it again. But you also get an outsider perspective on all the bullshit that the locals don't have, so it is very easy to be a bit detached.

Some of the bad reviews i've read focus on the Bella character. The complaints seem to be that she's too teenagery, or not teenagery enough, or too perfect, or too oblivious to the danger she's in. I disagree with all of this. I think she's a decent character. She's not super attached to her parents, she barely seems to know them, but what teenager does? I think she's a loner who has solid self esteem. Yes, Edward and the other boys find her attractive but not every YA book has to be about the ugly duckling.

This is my second one for RIP. only 2 more to go! It also counts for my YA challenge, the first book i put on the list in fact! I give it a 5.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this book. It's my favorite of the series.

  2. I thought Bella was too clumsy! Nevertheless, I find this book better than New Moon. Haven't read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn yet though.


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