Very Funny Science Stuff and Random Other Things

I like the Hawking lines.

September is Local Food Month. Go visit a Farmer's Market!

I also figured I'd do a bit of an update on my challenges. ACK!

Russian Challenge-3/4 required
YA Challenge- 9/12, though 5 weren't on my original list
Science Book Challenge-2/3
Name Challenge- 2/6
RIP 3-1/4
10 out of 1001-i give up! i forgot about this one and have only read 1 that counted.
1% Challenge-3/10
Chunkster Challenge-kinda forgot about this one too. I've noted 2/4 but i've probably read another 2 for it. may have to go back and check a few to see if i've finished.

I feel like i've forgotten something. Maybe not.


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