Weekly Geeks 17

So this week the Geek topic is quotations. I have so many of these written down this will be easy.

I am going with all Shakespeare. some weird ones i hope. The first I actually wrote down after i saw the play in Nashville.

"Thus I turn my back, there is a world elsewhere"
Coriolanus, Act 3 Scene 3.

I've never been suicidal but if i ever decided to leave a really pissed off suicide note i would end with that line. it is the literary equivalent of Cartman's "screw you guys, I'm going home" line. I love it; the preceding scene has the people of Rome banish Coriolanus, a war hero. He has a long speech that really amounts to "you guys are going to really miss me and i hope you eat shit and die" but of course far more eloquently. The great speeches always end an Act in Shakespeare and that one ends Act 3.

I'll have a friendlier one tomorrow!


  1. That's a great quote. One of my favourites is the stage direction from A Winter's Tale: Exit, pursued by a bear. Totally random.

  2. lol. Nashville Shakespeare Festival did that one a few years ago and i have a teeshirt that says that. with a little drawing of a bear!


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