WG 19

So this week's topic is to come up with a best books released in 2008 list. so far i've read 82 books, 26 were nonfiction and 64 were from the library. Of those though, only perhaps a dozen (maybe less) were from this year. Here are the 5 best, with the score I gave them at the time. I had another couple of 6's but didn't feel they were as good as the three 6's here.

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan-7
, non-fic
Duma Key by Stephen King-7
The Dracula Dossier by James Reese-6, though i don't know if it counts as it isn't out yet!
Bonk by Mary Roach-6, nonfic
Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith-6

So there!


  1. I forgot to add Duma Key to my list, it was such an enjoyable read.
    Bonk is on my TBR list, I really liked Roachs' last two books and this one sounds so interesting.

  2. Duman Key and Child 44 made my list too. I don't read a lot of non-fiction so I miss out on many of those. I did read Roach's first books and although it was funny it still weirded me out. I would probably like her other books that aren't about dead bodies :D

  3. I'm reading an ARC of The Dracula Dossier, and I'm enjoying it so far (I'm about halfway in). I definitely think it would count--it's going to be published next week, I think.

  4. I really want to read Child 44 - but probably won't get to it this year...


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