When is St. Cripsen's Day?

Why, it is on October 25th. I am going a bit different for today. Since my quote is so long, I'm giving you Kenneth Branagh's interpretation. I thought about Olivier's but you get to see a really young Christian Bale in this one (at about 2:30).

I love this speech; it has such a great maleness that i can't begin to describe. Brash confidence, strength, youth and power coming together in just a few minutes worth of words. You get everything: a sense of the speaker's personality, motivations, goals and aspirations. A few years ago the Belcourt Theater held a contest on 10-25 for the best performance of the speech. I should have gone, even just to watch. Though i know a big section of it, i'd in no way be able to perform. stage fright sucks!

I finished Kitchen Literacy: How We Lost the Knowledge of Where Food Comes From and Why We Need to Get it Back by Ann Vileisis today. It is another 4. Again, not awful, but more scholarly history of industrial food manufacturing. Mainly, markets began in cities so that people could buy products from local farms. As cities swallowed the local farmland and natural resources such as fish were overconsumed, more and more food had to come from farther away. So food distributers began using different processes, like canning, freezing, and adding chemicals to foods to preserve them for longer distances. The factory-style farms required things be faster, cheaper, more uniform and people had to be convinced to accept that as the only way. The rise of advertisements and marketing get a lot of coverage. It is weird to think that people used to actually believe what commercials told them. It was also very disheartening to hear how hard the USDA fought against setting the "organic" label to actually mean something. There were tons of endnotes that i didn't read, so they may have included more info on how to get more knowledge. Vileisis basically goes into the back to the land movement in the 60's onward and how that lead to organic food. She feels that if more people try to find out about food then manufacturers will supply more info because people expect it. I don't know about that. She does mention CSA's and farmer's markets too. It isn't a bad book, I'd just rather read Michael Pollan or Eric Shlosser.


  1. That was fantastic! Although I fell utterly in love with Kenneth Branagh after watching him as Iago, and I really think he would be able to give a magnificent performance even if he was reading a phone book :)


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