Happy Halloween!

Tonight, i shall imbibe warm witches brew and consume raw, dead fishes. After which i will see a revival showing of The Shining.

I finished up the RIP challenge! YAY me! I definitely liked Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason more than The Rest Falls Away. I liked the bit more adult Victoria. I liked the story and really liked seeing more of Sebastian and his motivations. I didn't like Max in the first novel so the fact that he was barely in this was also rewarding. I know that the reader is supposed to feel Victoria is torn between Sebastian and Max but i really don't see it. Torn between Sebastian and her duty maybe. I've got book three in my TBR stack so i may go ahead and read that soon. A 5. Also, i wonder how many of the reviews/ratings at Amazon are from the book blogging world!

The last book i read for RIP was Gothic! edited by Deborah Noyes. This book is a series of YA short stories. This is really a lot like stuff i read as a kid. I tore through those Scary Stories books which were combos of ghost stories, urban legends, and killer stories. I think Gothic was pretty uneven as some stories were much better than others. There were a few sort of normal, goofy "spooky" ones, like "Have No Fear, Crumpot is Here" and "Morgan Roemar's Boys". A couple that i thought kinda sucked: "Watch and Wait", "Writing on the Wall" and "The Prank". But I really liked "The Dead and the Moonstruck" and "Endings". I was a tad disappointed that the Gaiman story was one from Fragile Things but it is a very good little story with a really great title "Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Night of Dread Desires". Whew! The book as a whole is a 4.


  1. Congrats on wrapping up the RIP! I hope you had a great night of brew and Shining! :)

  2. i did. I tried baby octopus sushi which was chewy but bland. The theater had drink specials for various movies and i bet R that they'd have something called Redrum. I won as they did but couldn't manage to make myself drink Hawaiian Punch and Bacardi!


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