Healthy Dinner, Kinda

So I had something really different for dinner: Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese and Voga Pinot Grigio. yummy!

So the mac and cheese was pretty healthy. The squash, milk and butter were local and the cheese and noodles were organic. I used a little more noodles as my squash was only about 1.8 lbs. also, i didn't realize you needed to take the seeds out before you roast the squash. it worked out ok though! Not as a sweet as i was expecting and i did have to add regular old salt and pepper to eat. The sauce, without the nutmeg at least, is something that would work great on other noodle/veggie combos too, or maybe tuna/noodles!

As for wine, i'm a Reisling lover but have learned recently that Pinot Grigio is pretty good too and something i can have when outvoted on my sweet Reislings.

I've been having a bit of a hard time recently. It's lead to almost no reading and a lot of staring at the tv without actually seeing what was going on. I had my dog for a week but rather than helping me she seemed to annoy me. Not her fault as other than eating one of my plants (and puking it back up outside) she did great.

I did do something that is kinda RIPy; I watched the 70's BBC production of Count Dracula. Isn't Netflix great? I thought it was solid, although they decided to combine Quincy and Holmwood into one character and make Lucy and Mina sisters. Also, the interiors were video and exteriors were film which kept throwing me off. The vampire-girls-eating-the-baby scene was really creepy. I couldn't figure out why Mina looked familiar so i looked her up on IMDB: she played Andromeda in Clash of the Titans. Hooray for random connections.

Currently: trying to decide if 7:30 is too early to go to bed.


  1. I'm a Reisling fan, too, so it's always good to know what to drink when outvoted. lol


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