Serious Lit and Goofy Fantasy

I finished two books yesterday that really couldn't have been more different.

I listened to After Dark by Haruki Murakami in the car. I got the audiobook from the library (of course) and now want the actual copy. There were at least a dozen quotes i want to write down. I haven't read any Murakami before and was so amazed at how beautiful the writing is. Truly, this novel has such a feel of a movie that i can't wait for someone to hand the book to Quentin Tarantino. No, there's no sword or gun fighting, or even much cursing, but Tarantino has an amazing ability to film conversations. Really, 80% of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are just people talking. Hell, the first time i watched Sin City i knew exactly which scene Tarantino guest directed! But back to the book. We follow the adventures of Mari, a nineteen year old girl in Japan. She is staying out all night, just to get away from her home. She runs into an old acquaintance of her sister. The events flow from there and there are some pretty metaphysical bits. One thing i thought was weird is that one of the sisters is always referred to by her whole name, Eri Asai. Whether it is other characters talking about her or the narrator, we hear her whole name and it is just a bit strange. It also took me a whole CD to realize that the book is in present tense and most of a second CD to figure out that the narrator portions are first person plural. a weird book but one i loved. a 7!

Carl V. reviewed this too and his is much much better!

The other i finished was The Invisible Ring by Anne Bishop. I really enjoyed her Black Jewels Trilogy and this novel takes place before those events. We see bits of Daemon Sadi as he drops in on the story and a few parts underlining how evil Dorothea SaDiablo is. The main story is that Jared (bad name choice, i kept thinking of the subway diet guy) is a pleasure slave who killed the last queen who owned him. At a slave auction, the Gray Lady, queen of a territory Dorothea wants, purchases him as well as several other slaves. No one but Jared is what they seem. One of the slaves is a spy for Dorothea. Lots of magic, guys facing their feelings, a little love and sex, and fighting. I give it a 5.


  1. I'm glad to see another Murakami fan born. I've got After Dark on my shelf, but have not read it yet.

    I highly recommend The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. Kafka on the Shore is also terrific.

  2. Oh yeah, I loooooved After Dark! It was my second Murakami, the first one I read was equally as fabulous (Norwegian Wood). After Dark and Norwegian Wood are on my keeper shelves, and I want to read more of his stuff ASAP. :)

  3. i'm headed to McKay's tomorrow to look for stuff by him. Thanks for the recs


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