2 Graphic Novels

Finished up two today. The one i like less goes first! The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill (aside: Is anyone else fiending for the Watchmen like me?) is the third in what is apparently going to be a much longer series. The problem is, this book was kinda blah. The basic story is that Mina Murray and Allan Quartermaine, who've become immortal (not a spoiler, you find this out at the very beginning), break into MI:5 headquarters (courtesy of a womanizing Jimmy Bond) to steal The Black Dossier. This dossier is essentially a grouping of articles, pictures, journals, etc that detail what happened to the League after book 2 as well as info about the previous Leagues we've seen hints of. They get away, read the dossier, escape a single ambush, then get away again to real safety. There isn't really much plot or character development.

Maybe my problem is that i'm far far less familiar with English language literature after the turn of the 20th century. I caught the Bond, 1984 and Lovecraft references. I've read Orlando and know the story of Fanny Hill. I couldn't force myself to read the Kerouac run on sentences, and i know that i missed out on who was who in big sections detailing the French and German leagues. Weirdly, i almost think this book would have been better had the frame been left out and we were just presented with the dossier info. I either wanted to read about Mina and Allen having adventures, or a "found document" of league info. Just not both. This one is a 3.

As for the second, Birth of a Nation by Aaron Macgruder, Reginald Hudlin and Kyle Baker, it is much better. I"ve always enjoyed Boondocks, the show and the comic (which i guess isn't coming back) and Nation delivers some of the Boondocks attitude. Essentially, Bush wins re-election when all the people of East St. Louis, including the mayor, grandmothers, etc, are denied the vote because they are on a felons list. Bush wins Illinois by 300 (or so) votes, which wins him the election. So may Fred Fredericks and friends in East St. Louis seceed from the USA. It's a fun read, political and upbeat. a 5.

10 days down, 20 to go!


  1. I'm so behind on my graphic novel reading. Very sad. You're motivating me, though!

  2. I give you LOADS of credit for reading that many books in such a short period of time. I have 0 time to read, and I truely miss it.


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