As if I don't have enough going on...

I decided to join NaBloPoMo this month. It's Chris's (from Stuff as Dreams) fault. He mentioned it, so i looked it up, then i joined up. *sigh* hey, though, this post counts as 1!

I'm going to talk about college football. First off, i understand why Texas is ranked #1 right now; they beat another #1 team and haven't lost to anyone else. I fully admit that they are fun to watch, that they're quarterback has a great name, that they've come through in some close-ish games.

But i also know that if they played Florida, Alabama, or LSU they'd get their ass kicked.

Yes, i'm pro-SEC football. We have this little thing called DEFENSE in our conference. You don't normally get 80, 90 total point games. Sure, Georgia managed to do little to stop Florida this afternoon. Sure, we cannibalize ourselves and make some solid teams look poor due to the record. Yeah, Vandy could probably do great in the Big East or Conference USA and the only reason they aren't over there is to boost graduation rates and GPAs. But you can pick any SEC game, any weekend and you're probably going to see a game, a real competition, not a Heisman candidate highlight reel or 2nd stringers in the game the entire second half. We've done incredibly well in the bowls the last several years (7-2 last year) and we've won 4 of the National Championships since that started.

not bad huh.


  1. I love that you love college football so much :) And hell yeah we could kick Texas' ass! I was so sad today that the LSU-Tulane game wasn't on TV :( I didn't have the $42 to buy it on Tigervision.


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