Final post of November

Damn it!

Booyah! Fred Phelps gets smacked down. Article from the Oregonian here, Alternet article with pictures here. Gotta warn you, if you haven't seen the Phelps bullshit it's a touch disturbing. Here in Nashville we hear a bit about them as the cult seems to protest the funerals a Ft. Campbell frequently. A local Oregon blogger talks about his experience here.

And lastly, a reverse of the normal things to do before YOU die: 10 Things to Eat Before THEY die. NO, it isn't polar bears, Fosberg's Love Grass, the Hook-Billed Hermit Hummingbird, the Pygmy Fringe Tree and the Wyoming Toad. The items are real heritage food items that people have grown, raised or collected for centuries that people just aren't eating anymore.

And really really lastly, Dumbledore breakdances (at about 5:05)


  1. Phelps certainly is one of those people who inhabit the extreme and make you wish that you had the power to eliminate people from existence...and this from a Christian! :)


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