I am so glad i don't have to do what they tell me

this is pretty bizarre. Admittedly, I'm not completely up on what churches can or can't do when it comes to politics but i thought that a church couldn't endorse a candidate. So all other ways in which Obama aligns with the Catholic church don't matter. As long as the one abortion thing is off that's bad and you shouldn't vote for him. And it doesn't matter how off McCain was on all the other issues, you were supposed to vote for him because he was the anti-abortion candidate. Ridiculous.


  1. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to politics. The abortion thing was the ONLY reason I wasn't a fan of Obama...

  2. I'm very political. and going to be in Washington for the inauguration!

  3. Melanie -

    That's fantastic! I'm happy for you - and you must be siked!


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