I'm going Red

Possibly. well, definitely, but if it looks awful there will only be a 24 hour period or so until i can lighten it back up during which i will be wearing a ballcap. darkish red brown actually. we'll see.

I'm definitely buying some organic toothpaste

I'm probably going to see Twilight on Friday night.

Want a cool shirt? Check out Threadless. i love their designs.

That's all i got. and i really am 32. :)


  1. Well, I read back through your blog and, although I can say that our political views vary widely, and the fact that you are way younger than you are saying you are, I find that Kath-I mean, Katie was right. :D

  2. Morgan, I almost back handed you :)

    I need you to send me some ID Melanie, I just don't believe you!

    I use sensitive teeth toothpaste and I can't live without it!

  3. so is it just that you think i look younger or sound younger?

  4. Melanie -

    You LOOK younger. RIDICULOUSLY younger!


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