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I meant to "just read a chapter or two" of Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop last night. I felt really low and just wanted to get the stupid day over with but it wasn't late enough for me to fall asleep. So i started reading this book to kill a little time. But i ended up reading 3 of the 4 stories in it and went to bed about 11:30. I shouldn't have bothered going to bed as i was still up another hour but oh well.

I finished this one up today. I really liked it. There's an old myth type, a story of revenge, of falling in love, and of rediscovering your lover. The men of the Black Jewels are the protagonists in three stories. We see Saetan truly unleash his fury. We find out how Lucivar and Marian met and fell in love. We see Daemon love Jaenelle as she recovers from the events in Queen of the Darkness. This last story is the most satisfying as i felt it resolved a good bit of the whole story arc. The Lucivar story is also quite good but i kinda thought the whole "excuse" that made them have sex the first time felt a bit fan fictiony. Other than that, these are really fun. I give the book a 6.


  1. What is your scale on grading books? I thought I read that you judged them on a scale of seven, which seems offbeat. I am just wondering, I am hoping that it is out of seven, because giving this book a six would mean that you thought it was passing, and it sounds like you really enjoyed it.
    oh, and the fan fiction reference. My best friend writes fan fiction and positively flipped out when I said what I thought fan fiction was. She called the situation people write about a made up character seducing the established protagonist, weither he (she) is a character in something or a member of a band, not true fan fiction. Something of a girls name, like Mary Sue or the like. She was very serious about it, she had to sit there and tell me that very straight-faced. And I do believe that my reply is longer than your post.


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