James Bond, etc

So i liked it. It isn't the best movie i've ever seen, and i'll need to talk to my dad about whether the plane chase is even vaguely possible, but i liked it. It was really fast paced, especially the first 3rd. i'd give it a 5.

so here i am

So i'm 32, the oldest of 5 kids. I say I'm from Louisiana because i finished high school and went to college there. My parents and siblings live in south louisiana, scattered between the little town of Breaux Bridge and the city of Lafayette. i miss them.

I'm a big fan of LOST, of football, of indie rock, of fall, of spicy chocolate. I read tons. I love coffee and tea. I'm trying to get better at yoga. I'm also trying to exercise otherwise. I'm single and have no kids. I'm an atheist, very left politically, and an easygoing skeptic. I'm really empathic, not in the supernatural sense of course. i'm a dog person. I'm a dancer not a singer. I'm depressed, which i take pills for, and heartbroken, which i don't think they make pills for yet. I'm constantly curious and occasionally appalled by what i learn. I'm becoming a fan of japanese culture, like anime, movies and books.

I'm not: judgemental, manic, musically inclined, a drama queen, trendy, as green as i want to be, a reality tv fan, happy in my job, a UT fan, sure i even want kids.


  1. I am going to see the movie tomorow...your opinion helped because I thought the movie is going to be completely boring and deja vu! Thanks!

  2. Can I just say that you don't look 32?! And I think you're lying. Haha.

    And I want to see the James Bond movie just simply because the actor is lovely on the eyes.

  3. I am also not as green as I would like to be, but I have no desire to see the Blond Bond. Pierce was and still is my favorite. :)


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