Man This Is Hard

It is hard to come up with something to talk about every day. I figured this NaBloPoMo thing would be easy if i just could remember to do it. But i feel dumb just posting "umm, i woke up, ate some cream of wheat for breakfast, drank coffee, went to my therapy appointment, went to trader joe's, came home and took a nap". that's not a post!

So i did decide to go ahead and join up with the Book Bloggers Christmas Exchange. I didn't know about it last year but i liked reading everyone's posts about what they sent and what they got. hopefully i'll come up with something suitable for my person.

I'm going to see the new James Bond tonight. I may post about that tomorrow.


  1. I need to join up for the Christmas Exchange, too. I should've done it last year, in fact. Not sure why I didn't!

  2. Have you joined the Sunday Salon or the Tuesday Thingers? They're like BTT and could give you two more days with an assigned topic.

    I just do BTT myself.

  3. I know, I joined NABLOPOMO, and then I fell off within a day.

    Came across you from the BlogRoll on NaBloPoMo, and thought I'd drop in!

    Wanted to let you know too, that I'm hosting a little project called "The Blog Train". Basically its just me and my small group of followers (9 at most) and we're going to reach out to fellow bloggers.

    We'll be stopping here for a week. They'll be stopping in, commenting, etc. I'll be here commenting as often as possible. We don't need much, just some coffee maybe...?

    Come here to check in! :) (and by check-in, I just mean leave a comment :P

  4. I also feel your NaBloPoMo pain. I did it as a challenge to myself, even added Google Analytics to my blog to see what was working. But now I find that the stuff that I want to write about I can't write about because I have the wrong audience.

    Good luck in your endeavors!

  5. Hi, I popped by via Katie's link on her Blog Train post.

    It's weird, I post pretty much every day anyway but didn't sign up for nano . . . (forgot the rest of the name, I always do!) I felt like the pressure of having to write might take the fun out of blogging for me!

  6. CB- I work all day sunday so feel like i'd be a letdown for the Sunday Salon. I may try the Tuesday Thingers though!

    katie, et al- Thanks for coming by! I'll try to dust and vacuum this week for sure!


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