New Geek Friends!

For Weekly Geeks we're to pick 5 bloggers we don't normally read and find some things we have in common. I've had a bit of a problem finding people i haven't seen before.

1) Softdrink at FizzyThoughts. We both are sarcastic. And we both are amazed that anyone else reads/comments on our blogs!

2)Terri from Reading, Writing, Retirement. She lives in Portland, OR, which is where i 'm going to move if i ever get my shit together :) I loved the city when i visited a couple years ago now. She's also anti-Bush and pro-Obama (prObama?) whoopee!

3)The Dads from Book Dads: This is an awesome site. Not that my site is awesome, so we don't have that in common. But they have a great site anyway. Just trying to give more props to the male book bloggers out there since there are so few. Honestly the only thing i see that we are the same is that i have a Dad that was great and likes to read, liked to read to us as kids, and taught me to read. These Book Dads also seem like they are great dads too!

4) Lynda from Lynda's Book Blog: She loves libraries. w00t! She's digging into the 09 challenges already, which i've promised myself i won't touch until December at which point i am diving in. And she's signed up for the Book Bloggers Secret Santa, as have i!

5)Megan from Leafing through Life: our names both start with M. seriously, we both seem to have both bookie stuff and life stuff on our blogs, as opposed to some which are just restricted to reading only.


  1. That is a fun idea. Do you think you will be going back often?

  2. Pleased to meetcha. (And for once, there was no sarcasm intended.)

  3. Wow, thanks for the nice write up and for visiting.

    I see you have Harry Potter in your library, so we have more in common right there.

  4. morgan- i'm going to try. i need to set these up in my google reader.

    Softdrink- love the pic!

    Steven- i luvs me some HP! I'm driving 20 hours this weekend so i've got books 6 and 7 to listen to.


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