No? Really?

NY Times article about how the US isn't a great place to be sick.

Part that jumped out at me "Americans also were most likely to report wasting time because their care was so poorly organized. About a third reported that medical records and test results were not available when needed or that tests were duplicated unnecessarily". I can attest to that. When i had my gall bladder out i had to go in for the pre-surgery work up and sign papers, etc. They said that since i was a sexually active female part of the blood work was a pregnancy test. ok, no problem. Then the week later when i'm in my little gown waiting for surgery the nurse comes in to go over my chart and says "oh, you didn't have the pregnancy test done" in front of my mom and little brother and sister. So there goes patient privacy and they had to make me wait for surgery while they took more blood to test. Fun!


  1. Seriously? She must have not thought it was a big deal, as that was your family. But still! I would have been mortified to have someone say that in front of my mother.

  2. This would have broken my mother's heart. I'm not sure how I would have handled it - but she would probably have started crying. How did your mother handle it?

  3. My parents are cool. she handled it fine.


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