Quick Update

So i'm posting a fast update on the ongoing challenges and total books for the year.

Total: 92 books, 33 were non-fiction and 71 were library books.

TBR Challenge: Read 7/12, remaining 5 have to be done before 12/31/08
Russian Reading Challenge: 3 and a half done out of 4, due 12/31/08
YA Challenge: 11/12, also 12/31/08
Science Book Challenge: 2/3 done, 12/31/08
What's in a Name Challenge: ugh, still 2/6 and i don't think i'll make another 4 for this too!
1% Well Read Challenge: 4/10 read, but i have through 2/28/09.

so i've got 11 and a half books to read before the end of the year if i want to finish all these. I think i may just concentrate on TBR and let the Name challenge go. I've got 6 library books out now too, though i can use one as part of the Science challenge. and then there are 2 other ERCs i haven't read yet. ACK!


Is it awful that last night instead of doing some reading i was browsing A Novel Challenge to see what's up for next year?

And thanks thanks thanks! sometime between posting yesterday and today i've gone over 9k total hits! you guys are awesome.


  1. Phew! I am relieved that you have a book that you intend to read that can count for the Science-Book Challenge; you're book notes have been great. And think how good you'll feel!

  2. Thanks! I've got another food book on tap to finish though not by Michael Pollan. Guess i've got a theme running here!


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