Sliding in

Weird that after a month of this i almost forgot to post tonight! Of course, i did just finish a 10 hour road trip, my second in 3 days. A quick book post will do.

So, the last time i went to Louisiana waaaay back in February i fell for audiobooks pretty hard. This trip i picked up Harry Potter 6 and 7 and finished up Half Blood Prince on the way back this afternoon. I'd only read it once, when it first came out. I hadn't forgotten too much but did have a few things misplaced in my mind. It is weird; I've read the first four books over and over, several times each, but i only read 5 twice, and until today 6 and 7 once each. I so wonder why. Maybe because the last three were so so sad? not sure. still, i figure Half Blood Prince is a 6.


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I reread those first four about a thousand times a piece. but I do not know anyone who rereads those last ones like they reread those first ones. I think it may be the content, but also probably the length. You can sit down and nearly read the whole of the first two or three in one day, if time allows. Forget doing that with any of the last three.


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