So It Begins

I've already nibbled off most of my nails. just to do something, i'm submitting myself to the DMV to reregister my car. I'll probably post another few times as well.

On another note...I completely agree with Rachel Maddow.

I was pretty lucky: my schedule allows me to have Fridays off so I went to early vote at about 10 am at the local library a couple weeks ago. I waited about 10 minutes though i was prepared to wait much longer. Some friends in Rutherford County waited about 45 minutes. But what about Memphis? what about today? I figure an hour wait is about the limit of what people consider tolerable but that should be at it's LONGEST point. It is ridiculous.


  1. I love Rachel Maddow. I have a total girl crush on her after that vid. Off to post it on my activism blog!


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