I'm the first stop on a blog train! Woo! Come on in, have a seat. I've got semi-organic munchies, like cookies or banana bread, chips and salsa or hummus with broccoli. I'm a bit short on beverages so i hope everyone likes nice southern sweet tea.

Katie, from Don't Call Me Kathleen (i won't!), picked my blog to start off with. The idea is that she's going to select a different blog to visit each week and bring along friends too. *waves*

So I'll do my best to be entertaining this week. As soon as i can put up the cool button i will as well; it's currently frustrating me due to my lack of sleep. I feel like i should post a "getting to know me" type blurb. Maybe tomorrow. I'm way tired. But i posted!

Currently: wishing i could fall asleep while someone brushed my hair.


  1. Thanks for the welcome!!!!:)

    We're here, lurking around.

    What a fabulous wish, I think I can say I wish that too :)

  2. oh man, that falling asleep part, I totally agree. mmm... instead I am stuck with some dogs, once of which I think just did something totally unnecessary. Gah. Dogs.


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