The Bell Jar

So i've been randomly picking up The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, reading a few pages, then firmly putting in down thinking "i really need to read my library books first!". Today i gave up and took it to work. I'm stunned. I knew it was a book about a young woman's depression. I just didn't figure i'd connect so so much with it. How she describes what she's feeling, especially right before and after her suicide attempt, are almost exactly like i've felt so often. The blankness, numbness, tiredness. The fact that nothing will ever be any better, and you know it. That you fake being fine and are glad that no one can tell you're not fine but weirdly sad that no one notices. And when they do notice they expect you to just fix it. They don't really hospitalize people anymore, right? I mean, my understanding is that sanitariums don't really exist. Thank Darwin I've never gotten shock treatments. I think i'd pass out long before they'd get me all hooked up. It was a bit weird reading about the 50's and how women were supposed to be then. that part i really couldn't relate to but that's more because of who i am, not the fault of this great little book. very much a 7.

I just realized this counts for 1k1 as well as the TBR and 1% challenges. also, here's another recent review from PoMo Golightly.

Currently: watching Dirty Jobs to indulge my crush on Mike Rowe, as well as being weirdly creeped out by Malcolm McDowell doing jewelry commercial voiceovers. Really, shouldn't he be at the Korova milk bar with his drooges?


  1. The Bell Jar rules!!! I read it last year and was knocked out by it. I remember thinking it should be THE high school required reading book instead of The Catcher in the Rye, until I got to the later half of the book.

    People are still hospitalized for suicide attempts. They are almost always the result of some degree of mental illness. Shock treatment still rears its head now and ten, too.

  2. I remember really enjoying this book, but it's been so long. I need to read it again.

  3. cb- i've actually not read Catcher in the Rye. I went to 2 different high schools, one for fresh/sophomore and one for jr/sr and they were in different states. so i took english lit twice, in sr and sophomore year, and the american lit class i took in jr year only did until 1900.

    Nymeth- I'll probably be rereading sometime next year myself!


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