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Yesterday i finished up Van Jones' The Green Collar Economy. It's an overview of a plan to solve both our (the USA'S) economic issues and the environmental issues affecting the planet. It also stresses that the environmental movement really needs to embrace the social justice movement; that together each will be that much stronger. The poor, the marginalized, the undereducated of the US are the ones affected first and affected worst by both sets of problems.

Jones gives plenty of examples of what's wrong. He gives credit to the previous generations of civil rights organizers and environmental protectors and also outlines how just a few little tweaks could have put us in such a better position now. Mostly he outlines different programs and systems that can provide solutions. How improving mass transit will provide jobs building/maintaining rail lines, operating buses and trains, in factories making the parts, and also that better mass transit will help others simply get to work, opening up job opportunities. I especially like the "Hoopties for Hybrids" idea, yeah, because of the name. Because so many poor people have to drive old, inefficient, really polluting cars, the idea is that government can grant special low interest loans for them to trade the old car for a energy efficient model or a hybrid. so, the people save money on gas and repairs while the world has less CO2. yay!

So, my only complaint, which really isn't a complaint, is that because i've been reading up and following a lot of green issues for the last couple years i've heard a lot of the things in the book already! I've seen Van Jones on Colbert and the Daily Show and read his articles in The Nation and on Alternet. So if you feel you're really up on the green scene i might skip this book. If you wonder what the hell Obama's talking about when he says "green economy" you'll find this book really informative. I give it a 6.

The Green for All site.

Other: Great tees, but THIS ONE IS THE BEST!

Also, I finally finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on cd. I had only read this book once, right when it came out. It also came out in the middle of last summer when my entire life was crap so it was a difficult read for me then. I followed it better on audio i think. Loved it. a 7.


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