Gifts for those that REALLY need them!

so, what do you buy adults in your life that don't really "need" anything? I always have this issue with my parents especially. So my dad gets a motorcycle/aircraft themed tee shirt or possibly books while my mom gets gift cards and candles/lotion, etc. They aren't normally much help either, as they always say "aw, nothing" when you ask what they want.

So i did find a tee shirt for my dad. While i was thinking about what my mom would want, i came across Oxfam Unwrapped. I've donated to Oxfam before and participated in some of their petitions and letter writing campaigns. They've got gifts from $18 which gives blankets, mosquito nets or water jugs to those in need to $10,000 which builds a house on stilts. Very cool. Check out the goat.

Another site is Changing the Present. It is amazing, with gifts from tons of organizations and prices starting at just a dollar! That gets a child a day's worth of anti-retrovirus meds! have 5? you can give a 80 lb bag of concrete for a playground or two books to a child. Gotta spend $500? That pays the transport costs for hospital equipment in Africa. Pretty cool. You can search by price, by cause or by the gift recipient (like for Dads, Moms, Weddings).

I know Oxfam has a pretty good rating for charities. As Changing the Present is basically an aggregator of lots of charities, you may want to pull up a search site like Charity Navigator to see about the individual organizations if you feel iffy about a place.

Happy giving! I'm actually excited about my mom getting the card saying she's given school uniforms for kids overseas.


  1. That is a really cool idea. I gave a few of my friends who share my affinity for trees the gift of trees planted in their name through the National Arbor Day Foundation last year. There are a lot of cool and meaningful things like this that you can do. Your parents sound like mine with the "nothing" answer when asked what they want. It may seem noble but it just makes them harder to buy for! LOL.

  2. I had heard about a site called Ecolibris, which plants a tree for each dollar you donate so you donate a dollar per book. I'd end up spending a bunch on there, even if i only did it for books i bought myself. World Wildlife Federation also has a "sponsor an animal" option where you donate $50 and they send a card and a stuffed animal to the recipient.


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