Let the Right One In

Want to see a movie about a vampire? Want to see a love story? Want to see an action movie, a dark comedy, a thriller? Want to see character development?

Go see Let the Right One In. It is really, really good.

It is a bit strange to see this movie about preteen vampire love just after seeing a movie about teen vampire love. But really, though Oskar isn't as hot as Edward, Let the Right One In is better than Twilight. It is much quieter in a way, as a movie it is stark blacks/whites as opposed to Twilight's rich wet greens. But because of the stark colors, when the red show up it looks even more...deadly. Eli is scarier than James was. The special effects are solid. I give this movie a hearty 7! Run and see it!


  1. I have never heard of it, is it based on a book as well?

  2. yeah, a Swedish book with the same title by John Lindqvist


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