Living Dead Girl

Yes, it is a Rob Zombie song and sounds like a line of goth dolls. It is a YA (?) novel by Elizabeth Scott. It is really dark, and sad and chilling. And i read it fast and didn't like it much. It is written as a stream-of-consciousness of Alice, a 15 year old who was kidnapped by a stranger when whe was 9. She's raped, starved, beaten, and secluded by Ray, her tormentor. Now that she's not a child Ray wants her help to kidnap another little girl. I guess my biggest beef is the deus-ex-machina ending. I wanted a happy, as possible at least, ending but felt like the author kind of copped out. oh well. a 4. I know others liked it much more so i've linked them below. I wouldn't give this to any younger kids definitely. it's pretty graphic. But it does let me say i've finished the YA challenge! WOO HOO!

other reviews by Becky, Jocelyn, and The Story Siren (love the name!).


  1. Elizabeth Scott seems to have burst on the scene as a popular author and I want to read at least one of her books. I was thinking of this one, but after reading exactly what it was about and now seeing your review, I don't think I could handle it. So I'll have to try one of her other ones.

  2. Somewhat unrelated, but when I first got into online computer gaming the group I hooked up with had a girl with the handle Living Dead Girl. She was a big Zombie fan. And also very sweet. I've long since stopped online gaming (though I still game solo) but every time I see the name I think of her and those early days of computer gaming.


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