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Or do you need ideas for a chocolate lover? Do you think it's weird that under my "food and recipes" bookmark folder i have a separate subfolder labeled "chocolate"? I love chocolate, especially a nice dark chocolate. I've also become more and more enamored of weird combos, like ginger, hot spices, rosehips and apricots.

Here's a company from Canada called Wild Sweets. They've got some incredible boxed sets of chocolates. also, some really cool cocoa flavors. Pistachio/Chipotle anyone?

Lake Champlain Chocolates is a company in Vermont. Go for the organic truffles. Dark chocolate with coffee and lemon? Milk chocolate with honey and figs? Divine!

Just out of beta testing...Tcho Chocolate is straight, 70% dark chocolate. I sooooo wish i'd gotten to beta test their concoctions. They go with varietals, like "Nutty" or "Citrus".

Scharffen Berger...big chocolate company. I'd love the History of Chocolate basket as it comes with a book and chocolate covered currants. mmmm.

The Chocolate Fetish is practically local! They're in Asheville, NC. check out their Ecstasy truffles. Who doesn't want to eat things called Dragon's Kiss, Velvet Sin, or Ancient Pleasures? I've personally tried several of the truffles and they've all been lovely. One warning, these definitely don't keep very long. The frogs are also great.

so that's it; a sampling of some of the interesting ways to have yummy scrumptious chocolate.

UPDATE: Richard reminded me i've also had bacon/chocolate. While Vosges makes some great stuff, particularly the Red Fire bar and their Creole bar, Mo's Bacon bar is less than cool. It's kinda like eating chocolate jerky. No mixing meat and chocolate. Bacon and maple syrup though, now that's good! I may have to try Magic Mushroom chocolate though! I don't think Richard's been good enough this year to deserve this.


  1. That Lake Champlaine one sounds promising... and my boyfriend lives in New Hampshire. Oh, I see a plan coming together. :D

  2. What about the Chocolate Bacon Bar we picked up at Whole Foods?

    You know Bacon is Meat Candy ... so Chocolate is a perfect match.

    And you forgot the Sea Salt bar from World Market. That is my favorite.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Morgan: always fun to see boyfriends~

    Richard: the Sea Salt bar is delicious. feel free to buy me one!


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