I had a lovely New Year's Eve! Margarita's, Guitar Hero, wins for both Vandy and LSU, fajitas. Then today, sleeping late, IHOP breakfast at noon and before showering, football.

So i don't really do resolutions but i may try it this year. so here's a few things i want to do. And these aren't in any particular order.

  • I've got stacks of magazines (Real Simple, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone) and multiple issues of the Nashville Scene lying around. Goal- get through these at a rate of 1-2 a day until i'm cleaned out. Most of these I've already read so it's just a matter of flipping through and getting out what i want from them.
  • I've been saving movie and concert and other event tickets for years. I've off and on been trying to put them in a book. I'm only about halfway through 2003. Goal- by the end of 2009 have at least through 2008 pasted up.
  • Blog about all the movies i'm watching, not just the new ones. This year when i was trying to put together my bests list i really wished i'd kept up with them better. After all, if i can keep up with books why not through a line about movies in too.
  • Learn to bake bread.
  • Do yoga once a week outside my regular class.
  • Vacuum once a week.
Want to read some other resolutions?
Sustainablog's Restorative Resolutions.
A suggestion from NYT columnist Bob Herbert

Happy New Year!

Also, at some point since i last looked i've gone over 10K views! Thanks to all my adoring fans! ;)


  1. Guitar Hero - such a wonderful thing. Do you have World Tour?

  2. nah, my friends have the regular one for PS2 and then the 80's one i think.


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