Book and Postcards!

I received 2 postcards the other day!

The top one, though about disney, is from North Carolina and the lower one is from Estonia! I had to look it up on a map. Why is everyone else's handwriting so lovely? i don't get it. but i like getting mail!

I also finally finished up Just After Sunset, a pack of short stories by Stephen King. I really liked these for the most part. They are a touch of a change in a way; i felt the majority of the stories were "up" rather than downers. Several weren't supernatural at all; my favorite one, "The Gingerbread Girl", is a straight up woman in trouble story, but she's a kick ass woman. There are several that deal with death and mortality, like "Willa", "Ayana" and "The Things They Left Behind" but they aren't horror stories in any way. They're pretty lovely, little meditations on life and what is beyond. I give this collection a big 6.


  1. I have heard a little bit about this collection that made it sound good, and your description of it having several 'up' stories actually makes me even more interested in it. It has been decades since I've read a collection of King short stories. When the time comes this sounds like the collection to get back into him with.

  2. oh, more postcards! That is great. And I am glad about the King stories. He depresses me. Or just freaks me out. It depends.


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