Today I zipped through Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I got the strange feeling that i've read it before. I don't think so but i don't know so. It reminded me of a bit of The Thief of Always by Clive Barker which is a favorite of mine (note: reread this soon). I read that as a teenager but Coraline came out in 2002 so i know i couldn't have read it in high school or college. Maybe it was reading The Graveyard Book recently. several of the scenes felt familiar, like the bits about the special rock and the talking cat. Others were unknown. I feel Coraline is a 6. A great story of a little girl's bravery, smarts and resolve. I want to give it to my little niece to read now!

That is something i want to do as an aunt: be a bit of a different example for my niece and nephew. I love my brother and his wife and think they're doing a great job with their wonderful kids! I just know that everyone, kids included, is just swamped with images of how and what people are supposed to be. Girls are supposed to like X, Y and Z and behave in A, B and C ways. Boys only do M, N, O things and act like D, E or F. I want to be an influence the other way. I want Shelby to know that science and math aren't hard; i want Sam to know it's ok if he doesn't like motorcycles. If Shelby wants to rock on her dad's electric guitar and Sam wants to learn to cook my mom's chocolate cake I want them to be free to do it! So i'm trying to collect books/movies/music and such that is non-stereotypical. I'm trying to BE non-stereotypical.

ack. so now i'm ranting i think. This works for the 9 for 09 challenge (letter, in my name i've e,l,a,n,i and so does Coraline) as well as the YA challenge. yay!


  1. Hey Melanie! I'm delurking for a second to say that it's awesome that you read Coraline. I loved that book. Also, I reread The Thief of Always last year and I was so disappointed :( It was one of my favorite books as a teen but really didn't do anything for me as an adult. I hope you don't have the same experience with it.

    And I couldn't agree with you more as far as the gender roles thing goes. I was always raised to just enjoy what you enjoy and that's the best way to live life in my opinion!

  2. Hey, that is great. I know that it is very good. I have seen that book at the library, I think. Or something. I forget. All I know is I have seen it, but not read it. But it looks interesting...

  3. Chris- I did reread The Thief of Always about 6 odd years ago and did like it...around the time the first Abarat book came out i think.

    Morgan- There is also a stop motion movie coming out next week!


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