I want to buy a house....

Or at least rent one. I just kinda wonder why this feeling has come on in the last year or so. Is it some kinda nesting thing that's happening since i'm in my 30's? is it just frustration about wanting outdoor space, or to paint, or to do what i want with my place? Is it a desire for a bigger sense of place, of home?

I mean, size wise, my apartment is about fine for me. I'd like the kitchen to be a touch bigger and i'd like a laundry room/pantry area. i don't even know if i want to stay in Nashville! I'm not even near financially secure enough to buy a place, especially since banks apparently are more credit stingy. But i'm tired of white walls, beige carpet and ugly fixtures. I'm done with having a dozen boxes around because i don't have a proper place for things. i want a garden, and lots of windows, and not have a neighbor pounding across my ceiling constantly.

So, though i can't afford one now, i've been randomly paging through ads online. I've also been reading some green home books. I finished up The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Eric Knutzen last night. The couple who wrote it live together in a house in South Central LA where they raise chickens, grow veggies and make compost. They even talk about more extreme things, like guerilla gardening (where you plant seeds/plants on public or private property then come back to pick the food later), dumpster diving for food (!), pooping in a bucket and pulling yourself off the grid completely. I really liked the tone of the book. They are very funny and realistic. The authors don't seem to give any false hope or say that these things are super simple but they also show you they aren't as impossbile as most people think. There are a good many typos or grammatical slips so it you get really really put off by those things you may not want to read it. While there are several projects with instructions included, many things, if you decide to do them, will need further research. As an example, they talk about urban foraging for wild plants and list several but don't show pictures. The authors direct you to other sources to learn more about the subject. There are definitely more projects for people in houses than apartments; there is also a section on how to select a new dwelling based on the urban homestead principles. It is a wonderful idea book. I am psyched about growing lettuce on my porch! I give it a 6 and, as my copy was a library book, i'll probably be buying it.

*pic from urbanchickens.org and they have lots of info on raising chickens for eggs!
*the authors' website is Homegrownevolution.com


  1. I hear ya. I've had a mad urge to rent or own my own place for a while now, though it's pretty well out of reach at the moment. The book sounds fantastic! I think I'll try to interlibrary loan it.


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