I did it again! Besides reading a book in a day, i mean, i read Infected by Scott Sigler and realized it is apparently the first in a series! ack! The basic premise is people are becoming infected with some parasite, which starts as an itchy rash but eventually turns into blue triangles under the skin and causes the victim to become paranoid and suicidal.

I had thought this was a medical thriller but it is really a sci-fi novel. It is on the same line as Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I liked it, I'll say it's a 5, and I will definitely pick up the next one, called Contagious.

Sigler writes Infected from several perspectives. We follow the CIA agent, the CDC doctor, the progression of one victim, even a little bit from the nasty little parasite itself. Each chapter, only a few pages long normally, covers a different perspective. It makes the story move very fast but you loose out on getting close to any of the characters. While i felt bad for the character that the bugs infect, i didn't really connect with him. I wouldn't have acted at ALL like him in the early stages of the illness. Trust me, if i ever have an itchy patch of skin the texture of orange peel my butt will be headed straight to a doctor.

SUPER BIG WARNING: while not Exactly a spoiler, i'd say there's one part towards the end that any adult male is not going to enjoy reading. so you're warned.


  1. Your first paragraph immediately reminded me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. You got me very curious about this book.

  2. Yay for gulping down books in a day!!! Feels indulgent, doesn't it?

  3. it did feel nice to start something and finish quickly for once. I've been drawing books out recently, not on purpose, I just haven't been taking the time to read properly.


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