A Life Post

I haven't really done a post just about what's going on in my life for a while. I know some people have read/commented/followed my various levels of down and depressed and i want to say something good.

Things are not bad. It is strange. Sometime last month there was a morning i woke up and felt good. it actually took a few hours to figure out what was "wrong", which was nothing. I hadn't felt good in a really really really long time. I've had a few more days like that. I'm not saying it's consistent, or even predictable, but it has happened.

on the other side, i haven't had a really bad time, full on crying, laying on my couch staring at the ceiling for hours day since October. I've had a few real crying jags, several teary eyed episodes as well. I haven't had any that lasted more than maybe 30 minutes or so. So that is an improvement.

So another thing i'm looking at is my job. Being a Customer's Bitch is a really exhausting occupation sometimes. also, i'm so so burned out i'm not even doing a very good job anymore. I'd like to do something more REAL, more MEANINGFUL, if you know what i mean. So, looking around a local college, TSU, offers a teacher training program. You can do a full on 2 yr Master's degree or a shorter one just to get the teaching certificate. So, either this Friday or next i'm going to go over there and see what it takes to apply, costs and etc. Who knows if i'll do it but it's a step.

Lastly, i'll do another meme. It's the 6 things that make me happy one that i pulled from Nymeth.
  1. Flannel Sheets. all warm and snuggly.
  2. Homemade caramel sauce. I'm addicted!
  3. The fact that Neil Gaiman and i use the same cel phone!!
  4. LOST. As an aside, i just started crying when it voted on ABC's LOST showdown. I voted watched the Charlie Drowning moment and couldn't help it. Bring Back Charlie!
  5. Rachel Maddow-so smart, so awesome.
  6. bonuses! I'm going to buy a bike.
maybe tomorrow i'll do things that make me angry! :)


  1. I am really happy your looking at school.

    YOu have so much potential and you would make a incredable teacher.

    Let me know if I can do anyhting to help you out application wise.

  2. Good luck with your application! And I hope you continue to feel better.


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