Nashville Only Post

Not really of course. But I've got some things to discuss that really only pertain to residents in and around our glorious capitol city!!!

First, as the above logo suggests, I saw Richard III this weekend. The Nashville Shakespeare Festival now presents a winter production in addition to their summer play in Centennial park. R and i went on Friday evening and the crowd was pretty decent for only the second performance. Set in a vaudeville theater, the play was very different than some i've seen before. The couple of histories i've seen were straight Renaissance-style productions. I enjoyed the change. There was a little dancing and singing but it wasn't a musical. The Troutt theater on Belmont's campus is a great venue. The play runs through Feb 1st and i highly recommend it.

I love The Belcourt! It's an historic building; the Grand Ole Opry originally played there. Since 1925 it's been many things and Belcourt YES!, a non-profit, manages it now. They play art movies, have live shows, kids programming and other cool stuff. They serve beer and alcohol at the concession stand and the M&M's are only $2 a bag instead of $5 like most theaters. i've bought a membership myself. Last year at a quick count i saw at least 5 movies there and added another half dozen to my netflix queue that i couldn't make it to see. But, as it is an old theater, the seats there kinda suck. so they are raising money to replace all the seats through the Creature Comforts campaign. They need $65,000 total and the last update i received they'd raised about $12,000. So, go see a movie! Buy a membership! Donate, it's tax deductible!

Vote NO NO NO NO NO on English only in Nashville! Don't make us look even more backward!

Lastly, I just want to say thanks to our Tennessee Titans. Yes, you lost last week. However this season was so great to watch. Making it to 13-0 rocked. Seeing Kerry Collins become a really good quarterback was great. Watching the defense smother folks made me squeal! Here's hoping you do it again next year......and maybe get back to the Super Bowl?


  1. Hey, Melanie, It's great to find your blog (driven here by my google alert for "nashville shakespeare" :)

    Thanks for your kind post about Richard III. My son's involved in this wonderful production and I'm so glad that the media, both institutional and citizen, are picking up on its originality and entertainment value. Opening night was rather sparsely attended (of course it was the coldest Thursday night in the history of the universe) but it's been packed since then, and for good reason!

    I look forward to picking up your blog in my RSS feeder!

  2. Thanks for reading Scott. I really did like the play and hope they sell out the rest of the shows! And super super thanks for considering me citizen media! best compliment i've gotten all year.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the show! Follow The Bard on


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