So today i vacuumed! I moved around my living room furniture and got all the boxes out of the front room. not just by moving them to the bedroom; i actually emptied some.

also, i made my first loaf of bread today. I am not counting this as a read book but i got Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. i read an article in Mother Earth News about this book. The article actually includes the main recipe. The idea is that you mix up a big batch of dough(6 1/2 cups of flour worth) just enough to incorporate the ingredients and let that sit for about 2 hours. Then you put a lid on it, loosely, and store it in your fridge. I mixed up the dough last night and made my first loaf this morning. Here's a pic of the dough in its container.

And one of the formed loaf. You can almost see Kenny, my beta fish, on the left there.

And one of the loaf after i'd eaten some of it. Somehow i didn't take a picture of it whole.

and a delicious sandwich. Tuna salad with cranberries, with farmer market special pickles added.

i had another slice with dinner. It is really yummy! I am going to get some whole wheat flour for my next batch. Highly recommended!


  1. Thanks for signing up for my World Citizen challenge! :)

  2. Great idea! I never thought about making that big a batch of dough and having it available. That's probably the only way I'd get around to baking regularly! Looks yummy.

  3. eva- no problem it sounds great!

    Andi-it actually seems as easy as it reads. you mix up the big batch in maybe 15 mins. sure you have to let it sit out on the counter but as long as you remember to eventually put it in the fridge you're good!


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